About Rockmart Slate

44 Million Tons Strong - 150 Years of Quality Products A Proud History of Helping Build America

​Rockmart Slate Corporation has recognized the unique opportunity afforded us with the abundance of natural raw product in our quarry. Our readily-available natural raw product has formally adapted a long-term strategy to become a driven innovator and leader in the industry -- not merely a producer of commodities.

​Over the years, the Rockmart Slate Corporation has developed a broad and extensive customer base throughout the eastern United States. Our clients include landscape companies, parks & recreational facilities, county & municipal governments, and large landscaping contractors.

​Other than the "Rockmart" deposits in Georgia, the only other slate-producing regions of the United States are located in western North Carolina, eastern Pennsylvania and Vermont. To our knowledge, no one in any of these areas is producing or marketing lines like Slate Scape.

​Rockmart's centralized geographical location and excellent accessibility via rail, river and interstate highways give us a clear advantage in servicing many markets; as transportation costs are a large part of the overall delivered product costs.

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