Landscape Slate:


Our landscape products are marketed under the SLATE SCAPE brand, and include a wide range of options from blends to decorative stones, to large boulders.

Decorative landscape slate is one of our most popular products. These slate chips make durable long-lasting accents for gardens, paths, walkways, and more. The natural gray color creates an amazing contrast with other stone work, and with natural foliage.

Unlike many products on the market, our slate chips do not rot or decay, and they do not attract insects. There are no artificial colors, sprays, or dyes added to these products. The slate reserves that we mine are over 600 million years old, and these all-natural stones are safe for use around plants, in gardens, and in ponds.

Our slate is a truly amazing landscape product that’s beneficial for the soil, it last forever, and it’s incredibly beautiful.


Shrubs and Flower Beds: 1 - 2" Thick
Walks and Driveways: 2" - 4 Thick


One Ton: 150 sq. feet at 2" thickness


Our Trail Mix is a specialty blend used for trails, sidewalks, and driveways. Unlike gravel products, slate fractures on flat plains; as a result, it creates a much better surface for walking, riding, and driving. In fact, our Trail Mix blend is ADA compliant because it’s so easy to roll a wheel chair across. A truly amazing product that’s “loose” stone, yet it creates a “semi-solid” surface strong enough to drive cars on.

Our Trail Mix has a strong presence in the City, County, and State parks in Georgia. Take a hike on a trail with our patented Trail Mix blend, or ride your mountain bike on one of our paths, and you’ll see why this amazing product is so desirable for residential and commercial applications.

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MINI: 3/8” to 5/8”
MED: 5/8” to 1.5”
JUMBO: 1.5” to 3”